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Hot And Sour Soup

Description: Chinese soup with mushrooms, soy sauce, and vinegar.
Yield: Side soup for 2-4 people.

Qty Unit Ingredient
5 Tbsp. Rice Vinegar (or white wine vinegar)
3 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
4 c. Chicken Stock
6 Mushrooms
3 Tbsp. Water
3 Tbsp. Corn Starch
4 oz. Tofu (cubed)
3/4 tsp. Black Pepper
1/2 tsp. Sesame Oil


  1. Bring vinegar, soy sauce, and chicken stock to boil in a soup pot
  2. Boil for 3 minutes
  3. Add mushrooms and reduce to a simmer
  4. Mix water and corn starch
  5. Add cornstarch mixture to soup and mix well until it begins to thicken
  6. Add tofu and black pepper, simmer until tofu is warmed through
  7. Remove from the heat and add sesame oil, stirring well

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