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Pumpkin Ice Cream

Description: Pumpkin ice cream.
Yield: 1 1/2 quarts

Qty Unit Ingredient
2 c. Milk
1/3 c. Brown Sugar
1 c. Sugar
3/4 tsp. Ground Cinnamon
3/4 dash Nutmeg
1/4 tsp. Ground Clove
1/4 tsp. Ground Ginger
2 Vanilla Beans
3 Egg Yolks
5.5 oz. Pumpkin Puree
2 c. Heavy Cream


  1. Combine milk, brown sugar, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger over medium heat.
  2. Scrape contents of vanilla beans into milk mixture.
  3. Stir milk mixture well, disolving the sugar until the milk is heated through.
  4. Lightly beat the egg yolks and then temper them by adding a little of the hot milk mixture at a time while whisking continuously.
  5. When half of the milk mixture has been beaten with the egg yolks, pour the egg and milk mixture into the sauce pan and return it to the heat.
  6. Stir constantly, scraping the bottom of the pan, until the custard begins to thicken and coat the back of a spoon.
  7. Remove the custard from the heat, pour about a cup of the custard mixture into a bowl with the pureed pumpkin and mix well to loosen it up.
  8. Add the remaining custard to the pumpkin.
  9. Add the heavy cream to the pumpkin custard.
  10. Refrigerate for at least two hours.
  11. Freeze mixture in an ice cream maker

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